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20th-May-2010 07:10 pm - ...
Vigilante 2
I am alive. My mind has been altered due to... life. It's a crazy ride.

Colorado is in my future. -but right now I host bonfires every sunday and I still work at Olive Garden. I've grown fond of whiskey and I've discovered how powerful/impressive LSD is. Acid allowed me to see things clearly... it made me see that the only person who can save you is yourself and this is applicable to all things: misery, suffering, happiness... you have to survive your own mind.

I will have internet soon. I should write more often...
22nd-Sep-2008 08:40 pm - holy fuck,
Vigilante 2
I'm home.

Wow, fuck... I'm in WYOMING.

What the hell :D
14th-Sep-2008 06:08 am - SIX DAYS OMFG
Vigilante 2
Six more days and I get to be with him. <3 I have to start packing. I can't wait to be with him again. I love you, Jason. You're the only person in this world who has stood by me at my best and worst.

However, I start crying everytime Skippy cuddles up next to me. I'm going to miss my dog so much.

Gas prices are skyrocketing, causing work to be... stressful. We're closed today because we're running out of fuel. It's supposta' go up by another dollar tomorrow. I mean, five dollars, WTF.

They believe a girl I was working with stole money out of my register yesterday. :/ I hate not being able to trust my co-workers, but I only have about four more days left of work. Fuck it.

Working at a gas station has been fun as hell - and horrible.

Wyoming, here I come.
16th-Sep-2007 07:16 pm - Friend's only journal.
Vigilante 2
Friend's only.

I'm actually going to add people this time, but comment.
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